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Elite Foundation Repair St Louis

Basement Repair st louis

The costliest repair in structural damages is foundation repair. An unsettled concrete home base with a few cracked surfaces can cost a fortune. Yet, while pondering your common commercial restorations, delaying the repair of a weak foundation will lead to a disaster.

So, whether you’re a future home buyer, owner, or planning to invest money in a building foundation, issues need to be taken care of sooner than later.

Yet, not all foundation repairs in St Louise come subtle. While quickly identifying a sagging floor as to wet crawl space, you will not spot those complex issues. While a strange smell and humidity link to structural issues, only a professional foundation repair professional can identify severe problems with the root cause and use unique methods to fix those issues. At Elite Foundation Repair St. Louis, we are a team of experts who can help fix structural damages before they get costly to repair.

We have a team of dedicated, skilled workers that can offer the best solutions for your foundation issues. Regardless of the foundation problem, we provide a quick yet reliable solution to fix the foundation. Call now (903) 231-8603

We’re Your Number One Foundation Repair Company Offering Many Services

Elite Foundation Repair St. Louis has served the area for decades. As a result, we understand the importance of your home or commercial building. For this reason, we present you with reliable long-term solutions to keep the foundation in tip-top condition for years to come.


Crawl space encapsulation to vapor barrier installations

Foundation crack and leak repairs

Building leveling and slab jacking

Concrete slab to pier and beam foundation work and more

While water found in the basement is not always a cause of concern on structural levels, it can aggravate, leading to property damage, mold growth, and other expensive repairs. So, if you notice watermarks or see drips of water and water pooling, consider having the problem analyzed to prevent damage. In addition, we present you with basement waterproofing service for all residents in St. Louis and surrounding areas.


Expert planning, coordination and control processes designed to snap shot project requirements necessary to meet your goals.

Estimating & Scheduling

Detailed research and organization of data to present accurate costs associated with labor, material and equipment.

Construction Management

Complete coordination, planning and leadership to orchestrate every facet of your project from concept to completion.


St. Louis

“If you want your faith restored in general contractors, I recommend Elite Foundation Repairs St. Louis. They restored my faith after I was ripped off by many companies when our basement started having foundation problems. They repaired my basement and waterproofed it. The workmanship is the best, and the team is also very helpful and friendly.”


St. Louis

“Working with Elite Foundation Repair was a pleasing experience. We contacted them for a foundation inspection after noticing cracks in the wall and floor. The estimate was reasonable, and repairs were done efficiently. Thanks for a great job.”

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Foundation house wall damage from wetness. Foundation walls without waterproofing. Cracked foundation wall corner.

Foundation Repair

An essential part of a building to support it is the foundation. Whether you plan to invest or moved in recently to a building and notice water stains, cracks, or settling in the basement or walls, it is a cause of concern.

If you have questions about your property's structural integrity, why not seek a professional foundation repairs contractor like Elite Foundation Repair St. Louis?

New house wall crack near window frame

Foundation and Wall Cracks

If you notice cracks running on the interior or exterior of your building, especially vertical cracks, then you need a foundation inspection done. A fact is that horizontal cracks can result from soil pressure. But vertical cracks will allow water to penetrate through, resulting in more concerns if you are unsure about your building's structural integrity concerning the foundation and walls. We recommend looking for a 2nd opinion at Elite Foundation Repair St. Louis. Our team is happy to assist.

Our Commitment

Elite Foundation Repair St. Louis will meet or beat all rival pricing providing residents with a transferable lifetime warranty certificate. We have an expert-trained team of technicians committed to helping St. Louis property owners discover their foundation problems. We provide you with all our services in an affordable yet timely manner.

Our professional engineer team used leading industry-standard equipment and tools to identify foundation concerns to get them under control before they become a major structural problem. Our team will assess the site to present detailed reports on our findings. We also thank our loyal customers for their long-standing dedication to using our foundation repair services. You can be guaranteed an online estimate fast, so contact our dedicated team today.