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    Foundation Repair Service St Louis

    Whether you visit the basement often or not, the critical thing to remember is that it makes up a considerable part of your home's foundation. So, we can help with foundation piers if you need your foundation stabilized.

    We Stabilize Foundations Using Piers

    Foundation Piering, also known as piling, is a process that shifts the weight of the building foundation onto a system of pier stabilizers anchored into the load-bearing soil.

    The methods are commonly used to help fix foundations resulting from an improper set foundation or an unstable one. Elite Foundation Repairs St. Louis uses both push and helical piers in foundation pier systems.

    The push pier is an epoxy-coated or galvanized steel pipe driven into the soil using a hydraulic ram. In contrast, helical piers are steel screw piles with shafts screwed into the ground anchored into the bedrock or load-bearing soil. The concentric piers you find are located underneath the middle of the footing underneath the foundation.

    The method is preferred with push piers, and it comes with a steel bearing place to bring a sinking building back to the desired level.

    Foundation Repair Using Wall Braces

    When you have a foundation or wall crack, it results from expansive soil, water, moisture build-up, or frost. A practical solution to rectify these problems is to use wall braces when wall anchors do not work. These braces have a high-strength steel construction we attach above the basement wall to the mudsill to anchor it to the floor. Contact our foundation repair expert team today to learn more about wall braces and other foundation repairs.


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