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    Foundation Wall Crack Repair Service St Louis


    Foundation cracks compromise the structure of the home. Elite Foundation Repair St. Louis can help to prevent the negative impact of your home value with cracks today. Yet, not all foundation cracks are the same, and the repairs differ. So, if you have a building with a concrete foundation, the chance is that it will develop cracks with time. Therefore, we do foundation-to-wall repairs in concrete to basement walls.


    How Do Foundation Cracks Form?

    Foundation crafts develop over time for several reasons. Here is a list below of some of the common ones:

    • Temperature changes
    • Earthquakes
    • Unfavorable soil conditions
    • Settling
    • Subpar workmanship
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    Types of Foundation to Wall Cracks

    You get two main types of cracks: a vertical one that runs from the floor up to the ceiling and a horizontal one that runs the wall's length. The horizontal crack runs across the same direction as the steel beams; hence it has no structural support and needs addressing sooner than later.

    Contact Elite Foundation Repairs St. Louis For Foundation and Wall Cracks

    No matter what type of foundation repair-to-wall crack you have, it needs addressing fast. So, if the cracks you notice are wider than a hairline or any are leaking, no matter how wide, it is time to call in the experts. Contact Elite Foundation Repair St. Louis today for an expert option to have the cracks repaired. Get a free online quote today.


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    “Wow, what can I say only that the team of Elite Foundation Repairs is exceptional at what they do. They helped repair major cracks in our basement floor to walls. We used the service a year ago and the foundation still has not developed any more cracks. The price is reasonable and they provided me with different ways to pay. Thanks again, team, you are great.”

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